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Brilliant Resilience to the rescue, every time

I started enjoying life more when I started becoming more immune to the negative influences in my environment and the negative thoughts in my head. While I may not have control over the circumstances, I have control over how I react to those circumstances. I learned to stand back, observe, listen and absorb. I learned to respond more appropriately to myself and others. I learned to take more ownership over my actions and my approach to living life.

The most important thing I have learned about resilience is how much easier it becomes when we learn to be more kind to ourselves and those around us. Everyone. Acceptance and forgiveness toward ourselves and others feels quite liberating. I found that when I am taking better care of my mental, physical and Spiritual health, I feel the need to help (or at least encourage) everyone else do the same. Taking care of ourselves and each other also contributes to healing humanity and the planet as a whole. Our determination and resilience is what will get us there.

I recently posted this new song "Brilliant Resilience" from a mixtape I am working on called "Living Our Why" which I will release this summer. With this new blog I figured it was a nice way to reintroduce it :)

Here is a rough copy of "Brilliant Resilience"

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