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A Revolution is coming

Produced by Syndrome

Intro: Keith Ellison - Attorney General of Minnesota

A revolution is coming, if it isn’t already here

Too many black Americans needlessly killed. Forced to live in fear

Still living in an unfair, racially rigged system

Where people are classified by the color of their skin

The lighter it is, the more opportunities

Much less harassment and unnecessary death by authorities

Due to my heritage I was granted white privilege

Police don’t target me because of my pigment

I know I’ve been benefiting from it for all of my existence

Only over the past 15 years have I truly started to understand

What history and the present moment doesn’t tell us about 

The neverending persecution of black men

Black women and children still suffering every day

By the thick residue of bigotry and hate that still remains

Our nation’s biggest black eye swelling up even bigger today

That’s what Kaepernick’s been trying to say. Respectfully

Not like what unfolded on Memorial Day


Dirty cops committing murder in broad daylight

Cameras rolling. Like everything is routine and fine.

“Nothing to see here folks. Just senselessly suffocating another black man.”

Taking his life away over a nonviolent offense

8 minutes and 46 seconds. “Don’t kill me. Please. I can’t breathe.”

It’s been normalized. And it’s not fine.

Sparking this racial justice movement for equality

Just in case the Revolution won’t be televised


It’s being streamed live online

Trending at the top of everyone’s timeline

It can’t be avoided. It’s everywhere we look

Our rudderless ship of a country is getting shook

Good hearted humans across the planet protesting in the streets

Laying down with their hands behind their backs. Wondering what it 

would feel like with a man’s weight and knee on their neck

Well, I’m white, so I guess I’ll never know. The madness has got to end


A Revolution is coming. It’s what our country needs

And we hold up George, Breonna, Ahmaud and 

all those who have died so needlessly

Demanding justice. Serving everyone equally. Standing in unity

I understand I’ll never understand. Being the color that I am

I’m here to reach out. Give support. Lend a helping hand

To help eliminate the flaws in the system. 

Keep chipping away at all the institutional racism that still exists


A Revolution is coming. Kennedy said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Justifiable. Or

We can choose to rise up together. Take peace and love off that pedestal

Until the side of fear and hate realizes 

Uniting everyone together can lead to something incredible

Since Team Humanity is made up of every being on the planet

Breathing the same air. We share the same needs

Connections. Love. Hugs. A sense of belonging

Yet it’s tough to accept that many will never come around to the fact

we’re connected Spiritually. Everyone. Black. White. Brown

From every single town. Every single city

So we won’t all do it together and that’s a pity

But for those who understand that magical feeling when we band together

An eagle in flight with many different colored feathers

Soaring above the clouds where the view is much better and more clear

Revealing to us what we’re all doing here

I’m here to do what’s right by supporting the Revolution

Using Love as a drug to provide the solution


Educating myself and those around me (knowledge in links provided)

Got Jane Elliott to help break it down for me

More awareness around the history of race in our country

Acknowledging the ignorance created around something we are born with

Like skin tone? I witness it all the time. Conversations I’m in

Been like that my entire life. Don’t always speak up when I can


That’s on me


I grew up in a culture where if you’re not white, you’re beneath me

Unless you're a singer, an actor or athlete

A toxic belief that trickled up quietly through my family tree

I have come a long way. I’m still ashamed of my past

Treating minorities with disrespect. I was an ignorant bully

I’m more aware now. Still educating myself (creating more links :-)

Showing more kindness and care now toward everyone else

Even in these dark times

This is our opportunity to unite. Stand up for what’s right


Work toward making progress every day

Allowing the light of Love lead the way

To a future paved with compassion and kindness for every human being


A Revolution is coming

A Revolution is coming

Thank you to Syndrome for creating this amazing beat!

Recorded and mixed at


Chicago, IL, USA

I recently wrote a bunch of songs that evolved into a mixtape: Living Our Why, which is an approach to living life with more purpose and joy. These songs focus on how we can level up in life and become better versions of ourselves while enjoying the ride along the way.
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