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Thank you to Matisyahu
for creating this amazing song!




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One Day 2018

I look around today and I see divisiveness
It feels like we are becoming more of a divided country
We take sides and dig our heels in. Holding steadfast to our beliefs
Which has led to widespread disrespect and injustice
for many different cultures that make up our country
It’s unfortunate because I always felt like that’s
what made being an American so special
Living in a society that grants liberty and justice to all. Not some
And it seemed like we were on the right track, but it’s like
we have derailed recently and need to get back to
honoring freedom, hope and equality for all. Not some
Let’s not forget the many different countries our ancestors came from
Who built this nation together, so let’s work together to remain one


That time is now, to set in motion a Peace movement
The kind that brings world improvement
Through better understanding by communicating again
Not playing politics and getting nowhere again
Letting our hearts lead the way to a New Day
Fresh new perspectives where we don’t hate
Instead we pray and meditate on a kind world
A not hard to find world. We use our minds to design
A united congregation of Light that shines bright
Surrounding us with Love. Even on the darkest of nights
The complete opposite of going at it alone. Don’t!
We’ll all team up and bring everyone Home
Nothing's’ impossible. To think that way is counterproductive
Poison to the mind. Negative thinking is destructive
And I won’t let my heart get corrupted. I’m all for Love
Yeah, that feeling I get from Inside and Above


I imagine millions of us coming to our senses
Taking down our fences and defenses
Let’s end this nonsense cause that’s all it really is
Why so quick to hate and judge in anyone’s business?
We’re all in this together whether we like it or not
Why not get along instead of just taking shots at one another?
Man, that’s so back in the day
Peace & Love always was, and is the new way
And this will all lead to one day when the reflection of myself
Is a reflection of not only me, but everyone else

And I live as One with everyone around me
I feel that connection with all that surrounds me

I can’t change anyone else, but I can change myself
I can be a positive model of Peace, Love and understanding
No more demanding. Consciousness expanding
This revolution of sorts. Let’s Do this!

And underneath those calluses we grow on our Hearts
We heal them just the same by joining our arms
Hands across America. No, hands across the world
We all connect and the positive energy swirls
Into this great big collective union of Hearts, Minds and Souls
Gentle and kind. Elevating us to heights unknown
And that will be One Day. And that will be One Day

One Day, One Day, One Day, One Day. And that will be One Day
One Day, One Day, One Day, One Day. And that will be One Day

So if we live with the idea that we can One Day live united as One
Well, there’s no saying that it can’t be done. One Day. One Day

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