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Infinite Potential


When I wake up and rise out of bed every morning with a heart full of gratitude, welcoming the promise of a new day, I see Infinite potential. I see a world that invites us to participate in the miraculous dance of life filled with its ups and downs. Triumphs and defeats. I see another opportunity for me to go out and live my Why while I continue leveling up in life. Choosing to embrace the Infinite Potential that exists in the present moment. Maintaining a positive attitude, even when I’m putting out the fires of the day. Staying inspired to fulfill my mission and desire of helping make the world a better place by inspiring others to become better versions of themselves by leveling up in life and maximizing their . . .


Infinite Potential. Everyone of us born with it

The best lives are lived by those who choose to do more with it

We don’t even have to go to the store and get it. We just have to tap into it

See what happens when we decide to plant seeds and seize opportunities

Then make plans to just go out and do it!

The main part is where to start. The best place is from the heart

Where inspiration lives and invites us to make the most of this life

By pursuing worthwhile things we are passionate about

Using fear and doubt as a springboard to spread our wings

As we leap into the unknown with faith that 

It’s all good since our heart is in the right place

Inside this good vibe zone is the right space

To create a life filled with purpose and joy

Still enjoying it even when it’s not in the right phase

It’s all about the right mind with the right intentions

Making up for past transgressions instead of getting defensive

Making the most of the Infinite Potential available to us

Make the most robust dent in the world we can by living our Why

By doing it every day. Not by just trying since Yoda told us there is no try


Sure we’re granted another life after this one. Until then

It’s best to play in the sandbox of Infinite Potential while alive

Instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering

When is it ever going to be my time to shine?

My time to soak in the sunlight. Give up the grind

It’s out there within reach of every single human being

Always visible from the unseen

Those who choose to live their dreams reign supreme

By diving into the well of unlimited possibilities

We can have it. When we plan it. Go out and grab it

Stay strong. Keep moving along until it happens. If it doesn’t

Take the lessons learned to chart a new path with credits earned

I found that’s the key to living the best life

By striving and thriving while leveling up

While keeping an open mind and pivoting in the right direction

To what feels right. What feels good

What feels like I’m doing the best I can with what I got

I’m on the right track if I keep moving

No rewards for sitting in the same spot

Gotta keep making progress. No excuses. Just gotta make time

Overcome resistance. Keep going the distance until it’s Cake time

Infinite Potential. Essential to recognize so we can maximize our own Potential so we can live the life we were born to live during this lifetime. It’s up to us to make that commitment to ourselves to make the most of it. To do the most good.Not brag or boast, though. Just go out and be proud of being the best versions of ourselves each and every day by following our hearts and using the power of our minds to create the life we choose to manifest with Infinite Potential. Available to all of us. Infinite Potential.

Making the most of our Infinite Potential. 

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