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Living the Golden Rule

Instrumentals Produced by Nomyn


It’s easy to look around these days and see how dark the world has become in a variety of ways. My hope is that the good inside each and every one of us is able to overcome the evil ways of people who have lost their connection to Source. That stream of Light that connects every human being on the planet. There are enough good hearted souls here in order for Love to prevail. I feel it boils down to living the Golden Rule


Treating everyone I interact with the same way I'd like to be treated. Respectfully. Instead of always going off. Looking like I’ve already been defeated and neglected by life. By people who just want to project all of the negative feelings they have on everyone else. I found that’s bad for my own mental health. As for having a reputable reputation, it doesn’t help.


I found when I display compassion and kindness, regardless, I can disarm the most harmful bullies who retreat when they see I’m not trying to see who can go the farthest or be more heartless. Instead I shower them with positive vibes and sunlight. Bringing nothing but flowers and coffee cake to a gunfight. I’m coming from a place of peace and Love. Just trying to understand where you’re coming from. If we somehow don’t see eye to eye, we can still disagree. Shake hands or hug it out.


Seeing a bit of me inside of everyone else really helps to put it all in perspective. Especially since I stopped harming myself. I gave up the woe is me routine. I feel blessed with the hand I was dealt. Love and forgiveness is how I nursed myself back to health. Now I’m spreading it all around. It’s like a game trying to turn as many frowns as I can upside down. Smiling faces for miles and miles. 


Deflecting negative vibes from those who need love the most. Having a tough time opening their own hearts. The more scars, the harder it can be. I remember that when someone is throwing daggers at me. That’s why I respond by showing them the Love I feel they need to heal. 


LIving the Golden Rule. It takes strength and humility to use restraint when someone’s trying to push my buttons or put me on tilt with their hostility. Responding with contempt only decreases the possibility of a positive outcome. Leading to endless nonsense. Stuck in constant futility.


I’m done with all the wasteful negative energy that only made things worse as I racked up my enemies. I’d rather treat you as a friend to me. Whether I've known you a minute or a lifetime. I’m about letting it be. Letting it go. Knowing when it’s not worth it. And knowing I’m not the poster child for perfect. Either way, the high road has a really great view and is better surfaced.


Much less traffic. The air I breathe up here is fantastic. Intergalactic. The positive energy flows freely and unconditionally. Love on tap sticking out of the Giving Tree of Life. There’s an endless supply of it. It’s like getting high for free and there’s no line! It just takes realizing we’re all Divine. One simple way to do it is to look Inside.


Taking a journey within to listen to our hearts. Beyond the mind, where the healing starts. That’s where I discovered my connection to Source and Oneness. How we’re all from this. How we all run this. It’s where I’m learning what Love is. How it penetrates fear and hate and never judges.


It took a lot of contemplation and understanding for me. Still making sense of it all on the daily. The biggest thing I learned is loving myself is so important in order to spread it around in return. How freedom is earned by not holding grudges or being bothered by petty differences. 


Talking less. Doing more listening. Not stirring up dirt that was never even any of my business. I’d rather make you feel good, with just words, but they’re real good, since they’re coming from a place of Love. I mean it. I only have one face. Still slip up at times, but I own my mistakes.


Even if someone is trying extra hard to give me a rough time. I do my best to reply with kindness. My inner calmness and peace are mine. I won’t allow anyone to disturb that. That’s not being true or fair to myself and I know I deserve that.


Living the Golden Rule. The road to being more care-free. More grounded to the Earth in our bare feet. Loving you just because. It doesn’t scare me. Since Love is Universal therapy. Living the Golden Rule

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