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Confidence and Courage 

Instrumentals Produced by Nomyn


This song is inspired by one of my favorite comedians of all time, Bill Hicks. He was the comic’s comic. His views on life and this world we live in make me laugh hard and think hard. Bill liked to speak his mind freely. I feel like he helped to wake people up to the madness and somehow had life figured out. So he passed this knowledge on through his act. He was a genius in my eyes and his words helped inspire me to spread a positive message of peace, love and community everywhere. His wisdom and essence also give me . . .

Confidence and Courage. Required to flourish

Needed if we ever plan accomplish lofty goals and succeed in life

Strive and thrive. Following our why. Making a conscious effort

To make the most of this life we lead while living on Earth

During this lifetime. On this plane of existence. In this dimension

Finding a purpose and not letting anything get in the way of 

Following that purpose all the way through. No matter what

No matter the obstacles standing in the way

No matter the sacrifice. Never perfect. But always worth it

Always keeping in mind to keep moving forward

Treat it like a video game and keep Leveling Up!

Proving to ourselves we have enough fire in us to go out and 

Run through doubt. Bust through fear and negative thinking

We’re not being fair to ourselves to feel like when we’re sinking

To just go down with the ship instead of swimming to safety

Knowing failure is not an option. We don’t tap out around here

We’re pressing on. Learned that lesson. There’s no second guessing

We’re pressing on! We didn’t come this far just to come this far

And if needed we can always hit restart

So let’s just keeping honoring that feeling within us

That points us in the right direction. Cool, calm and collected

That gives us those nudges. That nixes those grudges

That stays focused on keeping us on the right path to success

However we define it. Long as we find it. In due timing

Through persistence. Going the distance

Never giving up or giving into resistance 

Listening to that Voice of Reason inside us

That’s there to guide us and remind us

That slowing the mind slows the grind. Provides a time out

Allows us to get it together so things get better

When we remind ourselves there’s no need to worry

No need to be afraid, ever. This is just a Ride

And just like a rollercoaster it can be fun or a terror.

That’s up to us. Our thoughts audition for our attention

And focusing on the right thoughts gets us to that right place

And space where we prosper cause we said so. As we let go . . .


And tap back into that Confidence and Courage

To fulfill the Purpose. For me it’s knowing Love comes first

And spreading that message around through well thought out verses

With no curses. Just a positive message that hopefully resonates

With anyone listening who understands that we are all in this together

Though the cliched weather. Always striving for better

Vision that’s unfettered. Knowing it gets better. Yeah, it gets better!

Just gotta keep focusing on the good. Get those daily wins in

Small steps of progress start the momentum

With inspiration and faith as fuel for the Ride

Relying on support from the Source inside us. That unites us all

Dissolves the fear and doubt while helping us to see more crystal clear

And keeps everyone of us moving forward with Confidence and Courage

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